Meet Linda Payan

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– fun, elegant, quirky, creative, and determined

Linda loves people, fashion, science… and bagels! She’s able to use her expertise and integrates style with science to deliver accessories (check out the Complete Luxury & Earring of the Month Club), education, and community (membership) that complements your wardrobe, helps you feel confident, and allows you to get noticed!

Fun Facts About Linda:

  • Black Belt in Budo Taijutsu
  • Softball Player for Three Decades | Little League Coach for Three Seasons
  • Quilter – It’s Been Awhile
  • Accessory & Jewelry Junkie
  • Mathematics Tutor | She Loves Students & Their Lightbulb Moments
  • Wanna Be Tennis Player – Send Tips!


Linda Payan, Owner & Founder of Infinite Combinations, runs a consulting business helping startups package their vision for investors and clients, so they get funded and grow their business.  Linda’s passion has allowed her to work with more than 500 entrepreneurs and companies in 42 countries. In addition, Linda spent over a decade building a successful direct sales business in the fashion jewelry industry. She’s helped hundreds of women develop their businesses and feel confident through style. 

Accessories are like icing on a cake

Years ago, when she started her jewelry business, a customer told her that she started wearing the new necklace and earring set she purchased recently – a petite yet colorful set. The customer went on to say, “I’m getting so many compliments at work telling me how great I look!”

She went on to tell Linda that the only thing different was her new necklace and earring set. The customer stated, “Linda, I work in a barn and wear flannels and jeans all day, every day.” Linda learned that style matters. Simple changes matter. Accessories help women feel confident. Accessories are like icing on a cake. Whether you wear flannel, t-shirts, athleisure, or gowns, accessories always give you a “finished, put-together” look!

Linda holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering & Management from Clarkson University and a Master of Arts in Mathematics Education from SUNY Cortland. Linda is a Certified Image & Personal Branding Consultant. Currently, she’s the Marketing Committee Chair for the Women’s Business Network of Frederick. She serves as a Committee Member of her boys’ Scout Troop and as a Boy Scout Merit Badge Counselor for the District.

She is the unofficial uber driver of the family and loves spending time with her husband, Ruben, and their three boys. Their oldest son left the nest to serve as an Officer in the United States Marine Corps.

Our vision is to appreciate women one accessory at a time.

Complete Luxury Commitment


We treat people how we want to be treated: With respect, honesty & fairness.


We love our customers and go above and beyond to build trust.


We are committed to building a community that focuses on confidence, love, family, and education.