Complete Luxury May Subscription Box

Our favorite products here at Complete Luxury are our subscription box options. We bring beautiful jewelry right to your doorstep once a month so you can show up in your life with a fresh look. As you know, we love to bring you the joy of unboxing! The best way to get that joy is with our monthly subscription boxes. Shall we take a look inside the Complete Luxury May Subscription Box?

Complete Luxury May Subscription Box

We have three different subscription boxes available, all of which will bring beautiful jewels right to your door step each month. So, let’s take a moment to view each of them in detail for the month of May!

Complete Luxury Earring of the Month Club

Our Earring of the Month Club is our most affordable subscription box. It’s perfect for the earring lover in your life. The Complete Luxury Earring of the Month Club for May contained absolutely stunning Abalone Circle Earrings.

Abalone creates a unique look to each and every piece of jewelry as it comes from the shell of a sea mollusk. No two will ever be the same! We love it because it’s flattering to both cool and warm skin tones. It can be paired with any outfit – from casual to dressy.

complete luxury may subscription box, abalone circle earrings

Complete Luxury Monthly Accessory Subscription Box

When you’re ready to take a step up from the Earrings of the Month Club, our monthly Accessory Box is the next best thing. Inside of The Accessory Box you will always get:

  • Two pieces of jewelry
  • One accesstory
  • And a style guide

In the month of May abalone was the star of the show for sure. Here’s a peak at the items our Complete Luxury May Subscription Box subscribers took home.

Complete Luxury May Subscription Box, abalone jewelry

Complete Luxury Ultimate Accessory Box

You’re the person who wants it all. Us too! For you we have created the Ultimate Accessory Box, which contains both the Earrings of the Month as well as the Accessory Box inventory. You’ll get the following in your Ultimate Accessory Box every month:

  • Two pieces of jewelry
  • The earrings of the month
  • One accessory
  • And a style guide

Give It a Try

Love it all, but you’re not sure you’re ready for a monthly subscription? Give it a test run for one month before you commit to the subscription! You can grab The Accessory Box for a single month. But, I doubt you’ll be able to stop at just a single month of these beautiful accessories!

Complete Luxury May Subscription Box, complete luxury box, the thrill of unboxing

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