Are you working eighty hours a week then getting groceries,  cooking meals, cleaning the house, and getting the kids to theater, basketball, and gymnastics? (Then you need our February “For the Love” Accessory Box to bring a smile to your face!)

Maybe you are a caretaker and taking care of your parents or loved one.  Perhaps you spend all your time and money on everyone else and at the end of the day, forget about spoiling YOU.  

We are giving you permission to spoil YOU.  Because what you do is A LOT.

Whatever your situation, the February ‘For the Love’ Accessory box is for YOU!  Imagine pulling into the driveway with eager anticipation… only to see your monthly subscription waiting for you by the door!  Yippee!  

The February “For the Love” Accessory box features a bracelet (silver or gold), freshwater pearl earrings (silver or gold), a free gift (heart-shaped necklace with Swarovski crystals), and two pairs of no-show socks. Everyone deserves a gift. Do you love receiving surprises once in a while?  

I’m guessing that’s a big YESSSSSSSSS!

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What words come to mind when you see this bracelet?

  • Convenient – Fits ANY wrist size.
  • Fun – Toss on before you leave for work, go dancing, go to a party, hang out with your friends, go to the grocery store ( it’s fun to look amazing at the grocery store!)
  • Layering – Wear with two other bracelets or four other bracelets for a fantastic armparty!
  • Gift – Love it so much that you want all your friends and family to have one? We don’t blame you.


Pro Tip: The Perfect Gift: Wear bracelets in odd numbers. It’s more pleasing to the eye! 

Do you love earrings you can wear multiple ways?  


Do freshwater pearls make you even happier? 

Of course they do.

Artistic Flair on your ear lobe with our Freshwater Pearl Earrings:

The Complete Luxury Accessory box came with the coolest earrings ever!  (At least, this month they are on the “coolest earring ever” list!) Your silver earrings came with a gray pearl while the gold earrings came with a white pearl.  Additionally, the “earring back” has a semi-circle back with a pearl attached at the end providing an artistic flair on your earlobe. Alternatively, you can grab a pair of plain “earring backs” from your jewelry box to attach to the post if you don’t want the second pearl on your ear.  

Travel with Ease by taking your versatile Freshwater Pearl Earrings everywhere:

Be sure to pack these earrings FIRST for your weekend getaways because there is nothing better than traveling with ease!

Sometimes, all you need to wear is a pair of earrings. If you are a subscriber, hop on over to our Facebook Page and share your pics wearing your gorgeous earrings!   

Like what you see? Let us help you!  Make this your year and treat yourself!

After months of research, we found the perfect sock for our community that is super comfortable and allows for personalization! We are starting with no-show socks (pictured here) because of the versatility!  

Wear them with:

  • Sneakers/Tennis Shoes: Walk in comfort!
  • Booties: Wear comfortable socks without compromising fashion!
  • Ankle boots: Put a smile on your face when you put on/take off your fun Complete Luxury socks!                            

Do you love comfy, cozy personalized socks?  Maybe you are an accessory junkie and love all jewelry, hats, scarves, socks, and anything you can wear!

We are.  Enjoy our products.    

OMG I’m in love!!!! Complete Luxury - A Subscription Box for Busy Women is awesome! Linda Payan is a local woman business owner and this idea is phenomenal! I just got my first box and I’m in love and can’t wait to get my next one - thank you Linda! Ladies pamper yourself! Check Linda’s page out today!!!!

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