Do you struggle with what to get someone you really don’t know that much?  Do you love to give teacher appreciation gifts or “just because” gifts to a best friend, co-worker or neighbor? Here are some fun occasions to give the gift of jewelry:


Jewelry for Work Anniversary – This is a great surprise if you are a manager, supervisor, boss, owner, or partner to give your employees/co-workers.  Do you remember your work anniversary?  Many remember it to the exact day…I know I do.  I had my first jewelry party on October 29, three weeks after our second child was born.  I planned the party then because I wanted to start a few weeks after our sweet boy was born.  He turned 14 yesterday.  I would love to hear stories from you about any gifts you received for a work anniversary or any gifts you have given for one.

Jewelry Gifts for Dance Recital – I see parents bringing flowers to dance recitals.  They are beautiful.  Jewelry lasts forever.  Jewelry is an easy gift to mail and we can provide a personalized gift note. 

Jewelry Gifts for Birthdays!  – If you have absolutely no idea what to get someone, give them a Complete Luxury Subscription.  You don’t have to worry about picking anything out or delivering!  It’s all done for you. Easy Peasy.  

Jewelry Gifts for Students: First Day of School – I know for a fact that I didn’t get a piece of jewelry to start the school year off (many, many years ago. lol)  What I do know is that I have several customers that get their daughters a new piece of jewelry for their “First Day of School” gift, and the girls are over-the-moon excited!  It doesn’t matter if your kids are virtual or in-person school, they wear the new piece of jewelry and feel amazing!

Jewelry Gifts for Teachers – It doesn’t have to be “Education Week” or “National Teacher Day” or “Teacher Appreciation Day” to say “Thank You” to your favorite teacher.  Give them the gift of jewelry any day of the year!  Teachers work hard.  And, COVID19 is wreaking havoc on their lesson plans, content, technology, and delivery.  Surprise them with a gift from the heart!

Jewelry Gifts for Friends – I’ll never forget the day that my sweet daycare provider gave me a piece of jewelry “just because” I needed cheering up. I was going through a divorce and life was complicated.  She gave me a happy tear that day.   This was 20 years ago and I will never forget it.  I cried happy tears when she gave it to me. I still have it and think of her every time I wear it. Sometimes, we don’t know what a friend is really going through.  Sometimes it’s heartache.  Sometimes it’s frustration.  Sometimes it’s gut-wrenching.  Sometimes they are just mad there is urine all over the toilet from their kids (gross, I know!) If they are having a bad day or struggling with the little things (because…let’s face it…the little things add up to big things)… give them a little bit of sparkle to cheer them up! 

Jewelry Gifts for Mom – For all the moms that love jewelry…this is the way to her heart at ANY time.  This could be for your mom, step-mom or bonus mom.  Anyone with that title could use a little sparkle every month!

Jewelry Gifts for Co-Workers – Have you ever received a special gift from a co-worker?  Have you ever given a gift to a co-worker?  When I worked in the corporate world, I liked giving my co-workers a little gift to brighten their day.  It’s the little things that count.  

Bridesmaid Jewelry Gifts – One of the easiest gifts brides-to-be can give their bridesmaids (flower girl and mother of bride and mother of the groom, too) is jewelry.  Choose a necklace and earring set for your bridesmaids so every picture from that day has your style wrapped in love.  Wrap the jewelry with your theme in mind and give it to them at your shower or bachelorette party for a special moment you all can share. 

Just Because Gifts – Jewelry Gifts for Teachers, Friends, Moms, Co-Workers, Sisters, Aunts, etc.  Sometimes you don’t need a special occasion to give a gift.  You don’t know what someone else is going through, and a small gift of sparkle can change the course of a person’s day for the better!

Gifts just because YOU are KIND

Gifts just because YOU are KIND

Gifts just because YOU are INCREDIBLE

Gifts just because YOU are NICE

Gifts just because YOU are DELIGHTFUL


Gifts just because you are STRONG

Gifts just because you are STRONG

Gifts just because you are TALENTED

Gifts just because you are RELIABLE

Gifts just because you are ONE-OF-A-KIND

Gifts just because you are NEIGHBORLY

Gifts just because you are GENEROUS