20 Journal Ideas for the New Year

20 journal ideas for the new year, complete luxury box, linda payan

Have you thought of journaling but needed a little boost – enjoy our 20 journal ideas for the New Year! How many journals line your bookshelf?  Do you need inspiration and ideas for using your journal this year?  In our 2022 December Holiday Accessory Subscription Box, we shipped two pieces of jewelry, a  Mr. Pen no-bleed pen, and a pocket journal. In January 2023, we titled our monthly Accessory Box as “Gratitude”. We included our favorite Gratitude Journal with a super-fun journal-ready 10-color pen, and a sterling silver and crystal adjustable ring with matching sterling silver statement post earrings.  

We realized we couldn’t send a journal to our subscribers without sharing at least 20 journal ideas for the new year!  Obviously, our goal is for our subscribers to use and wear everything in their monthly subscription box so we hope we have helped you think a little “out of the box”! 

If you love to write down your thoughts, goals, and actions, then a journal is your go-to item for the new year.  It’s never too late to start journaling! In fact, it’s fun to have a few journals with different topics!  So many fun ideas below! We would love for you to reach out to us on our Facebook page to let us know what you are writing about in your journal!

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health journal

Worried about your health? Finally, you set a New Year’s resolution to eat healthily, exercise more, and take care of yourself.  Below are a few journals you could start to get you on a healthy track for the new year. 

Recipe Journal / Book

Do you create your own recipes, or are you getting recipes from magazines, friends, family, the internet, etc? Maybe you want to create recipes for an upcoming event? Have some fun and keep your recipe ideas in one location! Of course, you will be thrilled you did!

Food Journal – “Exotic Foods You Want to Try This Year” 

Where are our Foodies? Imagine starting a food journal with exotic foods you want to try this year! I’m sure you could get really creative with this journal and incorporate it into a travel journal as well.  Maybe you travel around your county, state, region or country? Or, maybe you plan exotic vacations (that sounds fabulous!) where you list the foods you want to try and where you can find them. Keep your recipe ideas in one location!

Food Journal – Tracking Daily Food or Calories

Oh the joys of tracking daily food and calories.  gah!

Yet, we do it. 

If you are serious and want to lose some pounds, get healthy, and see what you are putting in your body everyday, then tracking your daily food and calories is a WIN!

Meal Plan Journal

Whoa, would a meal plan journal save you time and money in the near future?! How many times have you said you were going to do this? Us too.  Let this be YOUR YEAR to take control of your grocery budget, your daily chaotic schedule, and your meal planning!  How about the Left Side is your Grocery List, and the Right Side is your Meal Plan for the Week or Day.

Sleep Journal

Do you struggle with sleep in any way, and would a sleep journal help you figure out patterns? Maybe you can’t fall asleep at night, or maybe you fall asleep only to wake up at 3 am (gah!).  Or, perhaps, you sleep all the time and still feel tired.  If any of this resonates with you, start keeping a journal and find a doctor (holistic or medical) that will help you! 

Fitness Journal

Do you want to reach a daily or weekly running/walking goal, do you want to start a fitness business (hey, why not!?), or do you want to search your local area and online to see which you prefer? Do you want to try all the fitness classes at your club and see which is the best fit for you based on the curriculum and instructor? Start a fitness journal today and smile every time you open it!

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Jan 23 gratitude theme
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Relationships & Family

relationships and family journal

How many journals would you need to help with your relationships and family? If one of these doesn’t resonate with you, then combine the journals.  You could have a gratitude section in the front, bucket list in another area, and a travel journal three quarters of the way through.  We would love to hear how you are going to journal this year.

Gratitude Journal

Our subscribers received, “The 5-Minute Gratitude Journal” by Dr. Sophia Godkin. It gives four prompts a day to help you in your gratitude journal journey. Maybe consistently sharing your gratitude will bring more joy, happiness, and growth. All we know, is that it can’t hurt! Share your gratitude in your journal, with your coworkers, peers, friends, and family! 

Bucket List Journal

When are you going to start your bucket list journal? It’s SO powerful! Start with ten things, then keep adding to it! I cannot wait to hear what is on your bucket list.


 One of my girlfriends did this with all three of her children – She had a “Funny Things Your Kids Say” journal.  It wasn’t anything fancy. But it provided hours of laughter, not only for her and her husband, but for her children as well. When they were young, her children loved going into the journal to read the funny things they did or said. They are young adults now and still enjoy it.  

Family Statistics Journal

You know, height and weight from birth on up for all the kids…and other family statistics to journal. Better known to our parents as a “Baby Book”.  You can call it what you want and start collecting “all the stats” about your children! 

Travel Journal

Travel includes day trips, weekend excursions, trips to grandma’s or a friends house four hours away, cruises, backpacking adventures, and so much more. Planning a trip to abroad? Start a journal to narrow down where you want to visit, what sites you want to see, what you need to pack for clothing, food, medicine, and walking shoes!

Autograph Book Journal

My grandmother bought me one of these when I was little.  I used it to take to camp and get signatures from friends I made at camp as well as the counselors.  They felt like celebrities, and I thought it was fun! You might want different autographs of sports players, celebrities, musicians, band directors, etc.

National Parks Journal

Our son has one of these and it encouraged us to plan more outings going to National Parks (Of course, you will need to remind them like 95 times to bring the actual journal! ha!)

Camping Journal

Do you love to camp at the same location or try new places? Keep memories of games you played, campsites and what they have to offer, hikes at each location, etc.

Hiking Journal

So much to write about here! You can share locations, trail conditions, critter sightings, etc.

Mom Journal 


Grandparent Journal 

Everything you want your Grandchildren to Learn and Remember about You!

Movie Journal

Are you a movie junkie? Then a movie journal is perfect for you.  Keep track of all the movies you have seen and the directors, producers, and main actors in each.  In addition, share the plot and create your rubric for evaluating movies. 

Books Read Journal

My mother has had one of these for YEARS! She started it because she kept going to the library and would pick up a book, get into the first chapter, and realize she had already read it! I know to many book lovers, this may seem crazy.  I thought it was crazy. IT’S NOT!!! When you are a ferocious reader, it’s easy to forget what you have read by a certain author, and what you need to read.  A Books Read Journal can be a listing of “Author” and “Book Title”. Or you can go waaaaaay more in-depth and share main character, plot, etc.  Have FUN!

Like what you see? Let us help you!  Make this your year and treat yourself!


Spirituality journal

A well-rounded journal life gives you peace of mind.

Daily Spiritual Goals

Maybe you want to start the day out with prayer or meditation. Or, maybe you want to practice forgiveness and gratitude by writing down 5-10 things you are grateful for daily.  Reading or listening to scripture could be a highlight of your day. Write down your favorite verses…which will lead to …Bible Verses for Daily Prayer!

Bible Verses for Daily Prayer

Keep a small journal near your Bible to jot down the scripture that speaks to you. Write down several verses each day so you can revisit them when needed.

Bible Verses Based on Topic 

Organize your journal based on different Books of the Bible, biblical figures, old vs. new testament, etc. Or base it on love, sympathy, forgiveness, loss, etc.

Enjoy our products.    


business journal

Every business should have goals. Unfortunately, less than 3% of people set goals and only 1% write them down. According to goal-setting statistics, you are 42% more likely to ACHIEVE your goals when you write them down.  That’s a HUGE incentive to write down your goals and look at them daily.  If you want more statistics on goal setting, read some in-depth stats.  

Goal Journal

If you are a business owner, then you need a goal journal! Don’t hesitate! Use a cheap spiral notebook if you have to as it doesn’t matter what your journal looks like.  Yep, the fifty-cent school spiral bound notebook is perfect to start your journal journey.  No more excuses! Start with the spiral and dream about the gorgeous journal.

However, you may find that if you have a beautiful journal that you want to look at every day, it keeps you more inspired to use it.  

Use your goal journal to read your top three goals for the day.  It’s important to take your LARGE, HAIRY, SCARY goal and break it down into little daily bits.  One large goal for the year can be broken down into 365 days, 180 days, 52 weeks, quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily! It depends on your goal to determine how much you need to break them down.  

Read your goals every morning and every evening before you go to sleep.  Plan your day and how you are going to reach your goal for the day.  Write down what you achieved every day and what you need to add to the next day.  

“Finally, a subscription box that delivers what you actually want. My December Complete Luxury Accessory Box introduced me to my new favorite metal.”
Catherine Barton
Catherine Barton
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wealth journal

Start building wealth at any age and any time of the year. **We are not financial advisors and are not giving any financial advice.**

Vision Journal

What’s your vision for the next week? The next month? The next quarter? The next year? What is your vision for your company? Maybe you have a vision as to what kind of house you would like to own in the next year or two. Or, maybe you can’t wait to get that house on the ocean/lake that you have been dreaming about for years.  If any of this speaks to you, then start your vision journal today! 

EXPENSE JOURNAL or budget tracker journal 

List those expenses.  You know the ones that are automatic…monthly, quarterly, and annually! If you are a business owner, then you probably have tons of monthly and annual expenses from software to services to products.  Other expenses include the “little ones” that you think nothing of that software apps like Rocket Money won’t be able to track.

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