The Sea Breeze Collection: Turkish Towels and Freshwater Pearls

Get ready for the beach! Our Sea Breeze Collection of Turkish Towels and Freshwater Pearls handmade freshwater pearl were a huge hit with our subscribers. Furthermore, May happens to be our “Sea Breeze Collection” where the minute you open your Accessory Box, you want to run to the beach!  Seriously, it’s SO.MUCH.FUN! Lastly, everything item in this box is versatile.  Wear the seafoam lariat necklace multiple ways, roll the stretch freshwater pearl ring on any finger, and use the Turkish towel in multiple ways!


Our customers LOVE their curated Accessory Box this month! 

Choose Silver or Gold for your Subscription

Do you wear silver or gold or do you want it all? As a subscriber, you can choose silver or gold for your monthly subscription…or you can get one of each box for a great accessory wardrobe variety pack. Our silver and gold subscribers received the seafoam freshwater pearl lariat necklace and Turkish Towel.  However, the freshwater pearl stretch ring came in silver or gold. 

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Wear the Freshwater Pearl Lariat Necklace when you want to feel elegant. The seafoam color crystals shine as you wrap them around your neck. We love the beauty of freshwater pearls combined with crystals.  Made in the USA by Studio G.

Conversely, you can wear this necklace with jeans and a tee shirt! Seriously, that’s what we love about everything in the Complete Luxury Accessory box: Wear to a gala or wear to the grocery store (see our blog about the grocery store). 

  • Class, Style, and Fun: Class, Style, and Fun rolled into one.  
  • Versatile – Wear multiple ways based on your neckline
  • Oh, So Comfortable – Great with tee shirts, blouses, dresses. Take this on vacation so you look amazing and feel wonderful.  ( It’s incredible how accessories help boost your spirit!)  
  • Bold, Bold, Bold – Want to create a look that’s bold? Wear three at once to give you a statement necklace 


Pro Tip: Buy Versatile Jewelry & Accessories We see you. We know you are busy. Get versatile and save time. When you have a classic piece of jewelry that you can only wear one way (ie.Freshwater Pearl Stretch Ring), it’s versatile because it matches everything and in this case, you can wear the ring on every finger! When you have a piece of jewelry with color and can wear long or short (ie. Freshwater Pearl Lariat Necklace), then you have versatility by wearing it with multiple necklines and styles.

Hands down, the Freshwater Pearl Stretch Ring is the best accessory for everyday wear, travel, and gifting! 

  • First, it fits every finger. 
  • Second, it is so comfortable, that you will want to wear it all the time.  
  • Third, it makes a beautiful and affordable gift.
  • Lastly, it’s perfect for travel – stack them or wear one.  A small but mighty accessory for your travel jewelry roll.

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Turkish Towel

Why are people raving about Turkish Towels? Because they are compact, absorbent, and lightweight! You will probably fall in love if you have not used a Turkish Towel before today.  This top-quality Turkish Towel is made on looms with 100% Turkish cotton in Denizli, Turkey. The beauty of this towel is the more you use it, the softer it becomes.  In addition, the more you use the towel, the more absorbent it becomes! It fits in a travel bag for chilly flights or lying at the beach! Essentially, you can use this as a travel blanket, beach towel, home shower towel, home decoration on a chair or sofa, or as a shawl. And better yet, the owner of the towel company lives here in Maryland, and she is wonderful!


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OMG I’m in love!!!! Complete Luxury - A Subscription Box for Busy Women is awesome! Linda Payan is a local woman business owner and this idea is phenomenal! I just got my first box and I’m in love and can’t wait to get my next one - thank you Linda! Ladies pamper yourself! Check Linda’s page out today!!!!

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