The Sparkly November Accessory Box

Roar, If you love surprises and cannot get enough animal print sparkle!  The Sparkly November Accessory Box is your holiday go-to for any get-together as it’s delivered to your door with lush, sparkly gloves, a statement buckle animal print bracelet, and classic hoop earrings.  Perfect for any jewelry lover who doesn’t have time (or patience) to shop!  This time of year is hectic with all.the.things.  So give yourself a break and gift yourself a monthly surprise!  Wear these when you are out to dinner, at the grocery store (hey, why not?), and on your girls night out.  Even if all of you work from home and your meetings are virtual, everyone will see your gorgeous earrings.  If you talk with your hands, they are bound to see your shiny, sparkly animal print Jacqueline Kent bracelet!  (smile) 

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Inside/Out Sparkle Earrings (Silver or Gold)

Hoops are a classic staple in every wardrobe. Experience the immense sparkle inside and out with your Jacqueline Kent hoops.  Hoops are extremely versatile, and you can wear them with anything in your wardrobe while mixing and matching with your current jewelry wardrobe.  Jacqueline Kent is a designer from Canada, and loves helping women sparkle!   Whenever you are not sure what earrings to wear, hoops are your best friend.  

Imagine your closet and all your outfits.  What do you wear most often?  Do you sport jeans and teeshirt or sweats and a sweatshirt?  Or do you wear dress pants, skirts, and suits?  Now imagine your inside/out sparkle earrings matching perfectly with every.single.one.

Pro Tip: Great earrings to take on vacation or business trips.  Wear with every outfit!

Statement Bracelet (Silver or Gold)

Whoa, when you walk into a room, everyone will know!  Wear this bracelet with embellished gloves and earrings, or wear with just the earrings. If you prefer a classic look, wear stud earrings with the bracelet. That’s the beauty of statement jewelry, you can pair it with one or two other items or wear it alone.  Our goal is for you to look and feel stylish all day, every day without much effort on your part.   If you want to build your accessory wardrobe, let us help you!  Seriously, make this year the year to show your creativity and personality through your accessories.

Embellished Gloves (Silver or Gold)

The Embellished Gloves:  Start wearing your Jacqueline Kent gloves now! Enjoy the soft suede-like comfort as you slip them on your hands.  Wear with your winter coat, or wear with a 3/4 sleeve-length coat to show off your embellishments on the cuff!  Expect compliments every time you wear them!

"I have gotten so many compliments on my jewelry and gloves. It's like you read my mind...or at least my style! Thank you, Thank you!

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