November Earring of the Month Club

november earring of the month club

As the golden leaves of autumn cascade to the ground and the silvery edge of winter starts to glimmer on the horizon, November calls for accessories that capture the seasonal shift. The November Earring of the Month Club is here to answer that call! With two stunning options for this month’s selection: the warm luster of Gold Druzy earrings and the cool elegance of handmade Serica Antares silver posts.

Choose Your November Elegance

Gold Option: The Warmth of Gold Druzy Earrings

Prepare to be mesmerized by the Gold Druzy earrings, available in a palette of silver, rose, and chocolate neutral tones. These earrings, sized at a versatile 3/8×3/8, offer a sprinkle of holiday magic, perfect for adorning any outfit with a hint of nature’s own sparkle.

Silver Option: The Serica Antares Sterling Silver Posts

For those who lean towards the timeless allure of silver, we present the Serica Antares earrings. Handmade in the USA and coated to prevent tarnishing, these sterling silver post earrings embody comfort and versatility. Whether paired with a gala gown or your favorite jeans for a game, they adapt seamlessly to every setting.

A Subscription Tailored to Your Taste

With the Earring of the Month Club, you’re not just receiving a pair of earrings; you’re curating your personal collection month by month. Choose between our gold or silver options, or alternate between them as you please:

  • Studs Only: A steadfast commitment to simplicity and sophistication.
  • Earring Mixture: An eclectic selection for those who love a bit of everything.
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The Joy of Unboxing

Each month brings a new pair of earrings, wrapped in a vibrant purple package, straight to your doorstep. It’s a monthly ritual that promises excitement and the thrill of discovery.

We take pride in offering jewelry that’s not just beautiful but also kind to your skin. All our earrings are hypoallergenic, lead-free, and nickel-free. This ensures that you enjoy not only the aesthetics but also the utmost in comfort.

The Gift of a Year-Round Accessory Wardrobe

We have a limited time offer to get two free Earrings of the Month in 2024! When you opt for “Earrings for a Year,” you’re gifting yourself or a loved one a consistent stream of joy and style. The monthly subscription offers flexibility. But, choosing the yearly option rewards you with two months free—a gift in itself.

Embrace the November Choices

This November, let your ears sparkle with the warmth of druzy or the classic shine of sterling silver. The choice is yours, and the beauty is endless.

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