Fall Beauty in the October Accessory Box

It’s fun getting a surprise every month in the mail. Our Fall Beauty in the October Accessory Box did the trick for both Silver and Gold lovers!  The silver Accessory Box contained artisan earrings, the GoodWorks Hope Bracelet with magnetic clasp, and a suede-like artisan poncho/scarf/wrap.  Similarly, our October Accessory Box in Gold came with gold artisan earrings, the GoodWorks Dream & Believe bracelet with magnetic clasp and gorgeous suede-like poncho/scarf/wrap.  

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The Artisan Earrings

When we saw these earrings, it was love at first sight – unique, fun, and gorgeous!  Wear with jeans and a tee-shirt , dress clothes at the office, or with a winter coat.  No necklace needed.  Seriously, take these on your next vacation.

Pro Tip: Wear statement earrings with your winter coat. Stay warm and stylish!

The GoodWorks Bracelets

Looking at the words “Hope” and “Dream” and “Believe” while you are at work or at play always helps the psyche.  We wanted to bring a smile to your face not only when you were opening the Accessory Box, but also all day, every day. Both bracelets can be worn alone or as an #armparty with other bracelets in your stash! (If you don’t have a “stash” of jewels yet, let us help you!) The GoodWorks company gives 25% of their net profits to good causes.  

The Magic Shawl/Wrap/Scarf

The Magic Suede-Like Shawl/Wrap/Scarf:  The Silver Accessory Box shawl has a variety of complementary hues while the Gold Accessory Box shawl exudes the fall colors we see in nature this time of year. Imagine the versatility – wear as a scarf, shawl, or wrap.  There are two wooden buttons that allow you to wear the bottons on the side (allows for even distribution of the scarf in front and back), wear the buttons in back (allows for a longer hang in the rear), wear the buttons in the front (allows for a shorter hand in the rear). Prepare for an enormous amount of compliments!

"Love the scarf! So soft and colors are wonderful! Earrings are so cute, and the HOPE bracelet is what we all need. Thank you for making my day!"
Laurie S.
Assistant Vice President

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