Our First Subscription Box Ever!

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The Accessory Box – Our First Subscription Box filled with Jewelry and Accessories!

You have to start somewhere, right?

We did it! Our First Box is here – our first SUBSCRIPTION box filled with jewelry and accessories for busy professional women shipped out! Of course, we are jumping up and down with excitement here at Complete Luxury. We’ve had customers say, “I cannot wait to get a box filled with jewelry and accessories every month. This box is amazing – it’s like a gift to myself!” That’s the best part about a surprise subscription – every month you get something new. Surprisingly, you just might be looking out the window waiting for the delivery every single month!

Seriously though, we are working voraciously behind the scenes getting ready to roll out the new website, the new socials, and product design, creation, and curation.

So many of our customers need convenience as they are sick of surfing the web, and they don’t have time between work, family, and other commitments. They want to look put together, feel confident, and build their brand image. They struggle with finding quality items at the price-point they prefer.

Do you want to treat yourself to a small gift every month? We hope you will be blown away by the gorgeous items you get each month.

Our first subscription box – The Accessory Box – includes the following:

A Stunning 54-inch Howlite Necklace…in our First Subscription Box Ever

Enjoy the spiritual qualities of howlite such as stillness, tenderness, and open-mindedness. Of all your necklaces, this may end up being your favorite because you can wear it long, short, long with a knot, or anywhere in between! The marble effect allows it to pair with every color in your wardrobe. Wear with white, cream, or beige to have a monochromatic look, or wear with bright colors to show contrast.

Sterling Silver Closed Spiral Earring

These sterling silver closed spiral beauties are a must-have to any earring collection. Ultimately, you can wear these with your entire wardrobe, take them on vacation, wear them on weekend getaways, or gift to a friend. The possibilities are endless for these simple yet stunning earrings.

Eco-Friendly Blue Floral Scarf and Wrap

Wear it as a swim coverup, wrap, or scarf. This eco-friendly blue floral scarf is the perfect complement to your beach addiction, office attire, or weekend wear. While beach time for us East Coasters is slowing down, it still flows beautifully as a wrap. Without a doubt, you will wear this all the time. (hint: All of the items in The Accessory Box are versatile, giving you an extremely low cost-per-wear, and that, my friend, is the number ONE reason to shop the box!)

Complimentary Gift…in our First & Second Subscription Box

free complimentary necklace for September 2021 and October 2021 subscribers
Founding Member Free Gift – Only for September & October’s Accessory Box Subscribers!

Lastly, because we want to spoil our founding members, all new subscribers receive a complimentary pewter necklace to wear with their favorite outfits. Ultimately, style this double circle necklace with jeans and a t-shirt; a blouse and blazer; or a dress and shawl! All Accessory Box subscribers will receive a complimentary gift!

Have you thought about receiving a surprise gift filled with jewelry and accessories in the mail every month? Luckily, we have curated the perfect Accessory Box ….and… Earring of the Month Club that you will love! Every month, we have fun themes to bring a smile to your face!

Themes for 2021:

October: Pearls and Links

November: Classy Sparkle

December: Live Laugh Love

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