Anju Handmade Shapes Necklace

Enjoy this handmade Anju Omala Necklace made with natural dyes and natural animal horn. By the way, no animals are harmed for this jewelry.

Perfect light and airy jewelry for your spring and summer get-togethers and travels.  Slip your necklace on with a tee-shirt, jeans, and flats, or with your favorite skirt/blouse.  While this is meant to be a long necklace if you want to wear it short, tie the rope together in the back and let the strands hang down underneath your shirt.

If you love compliments, then hurry and get this necklace as it’s unique and FUN!

Description: Made with natural dyes, natural animal horn, and rope. Tan, purple, and 30″ long



Easy to put on & take off – just slip it over your head.



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