Chocolate Pickleball No Show Socks

Fall in LOVE with our Chocolate Pickleball No Show Socks !

Enjoy our comfy, cozy “I Play So I Can Eat More Chocolate” Pickleball No Show Socks while you are crushing it on the court! The perfect gift for novice and pro pickleball players. The perfect sock that will put a smile on your face when you put them on / take them off!

Pickleball Sock Fun!

  • Wear them around the house when you cannot play pickleball (keep your spirits up!)
  • Wear them to the gym when you and your partner are just learning how to play
  • Wear them to the pickleball tournament and show them who’s boss. lol
  • Wear them with your favorite sneakers/tennis shoes (should we call them PICKLEBALL SHOES now?)
  • These are the BEST stocking stuffers.
  • Give as a gift
  • Gift to yourself (let’s face it…you are probably spending all your $$$ on others, so a pair of pickleball socks are WORTH IT! You are worth it.
  • Get a variety of Pickleball socks for you, your partner, and your friends!
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Pickleball Sock Details

Material: Poly/Spandex Blend

Designed and Printed: Maryland


Unisex Sizing

Size Small:

Women’s Shoe Size 5-8

Size Medium:

Women’s Shoe Size 9-11