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The Academy

Build a powerful personal brand with The Personal Brand and Style Academy.  Accessories are a necessary part of your wardrobe. They will add dimension, color, and texture to any outfit. Additionally, accessories show your personality without having to say a word. Without a doubt, accessories don’t take up much space in your closet or travel gear, yet they can instantly change an outfit. The power of accessories will blow your mind. 

Build a Powerful Personal Brand

Together, we will help you build a powerful personal brand and give you the millions of details necessary to showcase how others perceive you. How do you want others to perceive you? Do you want others to think of you as professional, creative, distinguished, organized, fearless, modest, reserved, powerful, hilarious, serious, or countless other adjectives? Of course, that’s the beauty of your personal brand – you get to choose how you want to be perceived.  Whether you want to appear reserved or dynamic, YOU get to choose.

What is included in The Personal Brand and Style Academy Member Portal:

If you own your own business, work in the corporate world, or are a professional, The Personal Brand and Style Academy Member Portal gives answers to all your brand and style questions.

    • Personal Stylist at your Finger Tips
    • Style Secrets that will help you save thousands
    • Community of like-minded professional women
    • Feel comfortable with your wardrobe & confident with yourself
    • Give yourself more time by knowing exactly what colors, fabrics, prints, and styles are perfect for YOU!
    • Build a powerful personal brand
    • Special Guest Speakers!

Lastly, to help you with your personal brand, try our Accessory Box subscription!

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