Courage Holographic Sticker

Enjoy this Shiny, FUN, and Meaningful Courage Holographic Sticker! Get one more Courage stickers if you need a small “pick me up” to give to yourself, a friend, a co-worker, a staff member, an employee, or your family member.


Where should you put your Courage Holographic Sticker? Below are a few ideas where you can see your courage sticker every day, and remember how courageous you are!

Water Tumbler

Laptop & all the “electronic books”

Cell Phone – How many times a day do you look at this? Remember daily how courageous you have been, you are, and will be.

Computer Monitor

Journal (How many journals do you have? Get one for every journal! It’s necessary to feel great about yourself all day long.)

Paper Calendar (Do you have an electronic and paper calendar? If you do, get one for each! Your iPad will thank you. lol)

Classroom Door or Classroom Board (If you are a teacher, put a courage sticker everywhere to remind YOU and your students that you are all courageous.)

***Water bottle not for sale.  Sticker only***


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