Gold Threader Swirl Earrings

The Gold Threader Swirl Earrings will be a staple in your accessory wardrobe! They are lightweight and eye-catching with dimension and flair.  Seriously, take on vacation, wear to work, wear to the gym….endless possibilities!

**So Gorgeous in person! You will love them!!**

PRO TIPS: Wear your refreshing and breezy Gold Threader Swirl Earrings with a:

  • high-collar shirt/dress/jacket. No need for a necklace
  • winter coat (everyone can see the earrings, at least!)
  • funky neckline (this allows you to only wear the earrings and not have to figure out a necklace if you have one strap or something abstract)
  • Bulky sweater (a necklace may make the sweater feel bulkier so your Gold Threader Swirl Earrings will be perfect!)
  • Flowy top – if you are a free spirit and love the look and feel of flowy tops, then your new earrings are sure to delight.
  • Your hoodie or sweatshirt: A GREAT way to dress up hoodies and sweatshirts – statement earrings.
  • Tee-shirts. Do you wear tee shirts all the time? No matter if they are plain or graphic tees, your new earrings will add some pep in your step.

Let’s chat about these earrings a little bit (yeah…it’s a one-way chat….Come join us on Instagram or Facebook to learn more about our brand and “really” chat with us!) In the meantime, enjoy the benefits of these beauties:


  • 10k gold overlay
  • They are lightweight; you won’t even know you are wearing them!
  • You want a statement earring but one that is not HUMUNGOUS (is that a word?)
  • Wear to the office, kids’ events, Girls’ Night Out, Datenight, and….to the grocery store, pharmacy, when ubering your kids…you get the idea 🙂
  • Take on vacation as they will match everything!
  • Smooth Side & Hammered Side: So much beauty.
  • Fantastic Gift! Their jaw will drop when they open their present.  Trust us!

*** Gorgeous Matching Bracelet and Ring


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