Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry Set with Necklace, Earrings & Ring

Handmade, Sterling Silver Bonded with Copper and aluminum core. Hypoallergenic & no lead, nickel or cadmium. 100% recyclable.

How to wear your Necklace, Earrings, and Ring:


  • Enjoy your new silver and crystal necklace and wear it with jeans and a tee….or yoga pants and a sweatshirt…or dress pants and a blouse! Infinite possibilities.
  • Front toggle for convenience!


  • Your new post earrings serve as statement earrings, so there is no need for a necklace. Of course, you can wear your matching necklace!
  • If you are wearing a high-collared blouse, jacket, or dress, and you cannot wear a necklace, these statement earrings are perfect! They will match your entire wardrobe.


  • Your new statement ring: Think of it as a right-hand ring. You can wear on your middle or ring finger (or whatever finger you want…) It is adjustable to allow you to wear it on any finger.


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