Sterling Silver Geometric Ring

The Sterling Silver Geometric Ring with crystal will be a staple in your accessory wardrobe! It is eye-catching and has dimension and flair.  Seriously, a great statement right-hand ring!

PRO TIPS: Wear your Sterling Silver Geometric Ring with:

  • winter coat (everyone can see your statement ring!)
  • Bulky sweater
  • Flowy top
  • Your hoodie or sweatshirt: Why not wear your statement ring while running all your errands? It makes you feel spectacular!
  • Tee-shirts. Do you wear tee shirts all the time? No matter if they are plain or graphic tees, your new ring will add some pep to your step.

Let’s chat about ring a little bit (yeah…it’s a one-way chat….Come join us on Instagram or Facebook to learn more about our brand and “really” chat with us!) In the meantime, enjoy the benefits of these beauties:


  • Sterling Silver
  • Crystal – gray
  • You want a statement ring but one that is not HUMUNGOUS (is that a word?)
  • Wear to the office, kids’ events, Girls’ Night Out, Datenight, and….to the grocery store, pharmacy, when ubering your kids…you get the idea 🙂
  • Take on vacation as it will match everything!
  • Geometric, funky, unique!
  • Fantastic Gift! Their jaw will drop when they open their present.  Trust us!

*** Gorgeous Matching Earrings


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