The December Holiday Accessory Box

The December Holiday Accessory Box Description: Fun and trendy subscription box mixed with holiday delight. Packed full of love this month is the exquisite extra-long chain-link necklace, dazzling flower post earrings, pocket journal, and Mr. Pen no-bleed pen! 


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Extra-Long Chain-Link Necklace (Silver or Gold)

What words come to mind when you see this necklace? 

  • Versatile – wear long or short.  Double the necklace around your neck or use a necklace enhancer to shorten it!
  • Trendy – Everywhere you look you will see the chain-link necklaces!
  • Fun – Toss on before you leave for work, go dancing, go to a party, hang out with your friends, go to the grocery store (I say it all the time – it’s fun to look amazing at the grocery store!)
  • Layering – Both the brushed nickel and the brushed gold (10k gold filled) necklaces look amazing with one or two other shorter necklaces!
  • Bracelet – Wrap around your wrist as a bracelet for a Statement Bracelet look on your wrist.
  • Gift – Love it so much that you want all your friends and family to have one? We don’t blame you.  


Pro Tip: The Perfect Gift: The 10k Gold Filled Extra-Long Chain-Link necklace fits everyone,  and your recipient can wear it long or short! 

10k Gold-filled Flower Earrings (Silver/Gold or Red/Gold)

Do flowers make you as happy as they make us?  Do 10k gold-filled flower earrings make you even happier? These beautiful 10k post flower earrings are simple yet stunning.  The Silver Accessory box came with the Silver/Gold earrings while the Gold subscription box came with the Red/Gold flower earrings.  You can wear the earrings and chain-link necklace together….or you can mix and match with items you have in your jewelry box.  The possibilities are endless. 

Sometimes, all you need to wear is a pair of earrings. If you are a subscriber, hop on over to our Facebook Page and share your pics wearing your gorgeous 10k gold-filled Zenzii flower earrings! 

Like what you see? Let us help you!  Make this your year and treat yourself!

Pocket Journal and "Mr. Pen" Pen

The Pocket Journal and the “Mr. Pen” pen are the perfect accessories to start the New Year off strong.  We chose the Mr. Pen brand specifically because of the quality and the story behind the brand.  These pens are no-bleed pens so the ink will not leak through when you have thin paper.  They give you the capability to use both sides of the paper.  In addition, the pens were created by teachers and the motto behind their brand is  “to serve the schools in our community by providing them with high quality and affordable school supplies and tools to help them in their efforts.” We love community effort!

With the new year approaching, a journal is a staple in any household! There are so many wonderful uses for a journal of any size, and a pocket journal allows for even more convenience.  We came up with so many ideas for a pocket journal that we created a separate blog post so you can use your journal the way YOU want to use it. Do you love paper products of any kind?  Maybe you are an accessory junkie and love all jewelry, wearable accessories, and paper products?  

We are.  Enjoy our products.    

"Finally, a subscription box that delivers what you actually want. My December Complete Luxury Accessory Box introduced me to my new favorite metal."

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