What's in the Complete Luxury April Subscription Box?

Jewelry & Accessories, of course!  You may ask yourself, “What’s in the Complete Luxury Subscription Box” every month?  We curate a special box where you choose “silver jewelry” or “gold jewelry”, and every month you receive two pieces of jewelry  along with an accessory.  April is our “Spring Fling” month where flowers are starting to bloom, the US is starting to get warmer, (Well…in most places it’s getting warmer.  It SNOWED in Maryland this year! What the what?!), and you are not covered in head to toe with winter coats, hats, and gloves. Let’s not gripe about the ridiculous weather, but instead talk about the smile that comes on your face when you receive your monthly Complete Luxury Subscription Box! Seriously, it’s SO.MUCH.FUN!


Our customers LOVE their curated Accessory Box this month! 

Choose Silver or Gold for your Subscription

Do you wear silver or gold or do you want it all? As a subscriber, you can choose silver or gold for your monthly subscription…or you can get one of each box for a great accessory wardrobe variety pack. Our silver subscribers received a handmade jaxx and pearl bracelet made by Studio G, Zenzi silver and crystal huggie earrings, and a feels-like-silk flower square scarf. The gold subscriber box contained the handmade Anju 30″ necklace and earrings, and a feels-like-silk square scarf that matches the purple hue in the necklace perfectly! 

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Wear the Jaxx and Pearl Bracelet when you want to make a statement, when you are feeling blue (it will cheer you up in a hot second), or when you feel sassy!  Without a doubt, we love the classy pearls with the funky jaxx embelishments.  Thankfully, the Jaxx and Pearl Bracelet is designed and made by our partners at Studio G in the USA.  

  • Class, Style, and Fun: Class, Style, and Fun rolled into one.  
  • Convenient – Easy to put on by “rolling” it onto your wrist.  It’s a stretch bracelet that is built to last. Perfect for the mad dash in the morning as you leave for work or the work from home (WFH) Zoom call.  
  • Oh, So Comfortable – Great with tee shirts, blouses, dresses. Take this on vacation so you look amazing and feel wonderful.  ( It’s incredible how accessories help your mood!)
  • Versatile –  Wear with your entire wardrobe.  Dress up your tee shirt and jeans!  
  • Gift – Love it so much that you want all your friends and family to have one? We don’t blame you.


Pro Tip: Statement Jewelry: Wear ONE statement piece of jewelry with every outfit. Do you want to  bring attention to your face (most often, you should want to do this)? Wear a statement necklace or statement earrings (but not both at the same time).  Similarly, wear a statement bracelet to show off your wrist! 

Do you love earrings you can wear with dainty necklaces and statement necklaces?

Of course you do!

Are you traveling more this year and need earrings that will match everything?


Enjoy your Zenzii Huggie Earrings everyday!

We want you to have an accessory wardrobe where you have options.   You have options to choose statement jewelry or simple designs. 

With the huggie earring style, you will never need an added “earring back” because it’s built right into your earrings.  

Travel with your accessory wardrobe:

Do you travel all the time? First, travel with your accessory wardrobe because it’s small, convenient and fun! 

Are you traveling to your beach house on weekends? If you can, leave a jewelry roll filled with your beach favorites at your beach house or in your travel bag.  

Do you travel for work or for your children’s sports team? Keep a small jewelry roll or cosmetic bag filled with 3-5 of your favorite pieces.  

If you answered “YES” to any of those questions, hurry and pack your huggie earrings in your travel jewelry bag! If you are a silver gal, they will match everything in your wardrobe! Easy peasy.

Whether you are packing for a weekend getaway or a month-long trip, your accessory wardrobe matters.  Sometimes, all you need is a pair of earrings to complete your outfit. If you are a subscriber, hop on over to our Facebook Page or our Instagram Page and share your pics wearing your gorgeous earrings!   

Like what you see? Let us help you!  Make this your year and treat yourself!

Anju 30" Necklace

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Anju Shape Earrings

Whoa! These Anju lightweight, neutral statement earrings are just what you need to dress up any outfit.  Wear it with the matching necklace or wear it alone.

  • Wear a tee shirt and jeans with these earrings and a simple bracelet.  Boom!  
  • Wear a tee shirt and jeans with the Anju Shape Earrings and a cocktail ring! Of course, we have the perfect ring for you.

Enjoy the soft touch around your neck of your beautiful new scarf: Blue or White.  The luxurious square scarf will keep you warm while giving you a look of elegance.  

Wear your scarf with the following:
  • Blouse | Shirt | Tee (Yes, it works with a tee! The ultimate in comfort: tee shirt and silky scarf)
  • Summer Jacket
  • Dress
Wear your scarf in your hair:
  • Use as a pseudo headband to hang out the back
  • Wrap around your ponytail
  • Tie it on top of your head for a dramatically, fun look!


Wear your scarf:
  • To Work!
  • At Home while you work
  • On a Zoom Call
  • On a Date (yippee!)
  • Out with your BFF
  • To the Grocery Store (Do you always run into a million people you know when you are NOT dressed up?  Make it a practice to always look like a million bucks.)                          

Do you love classy and stylish jewelry and accessories?  

We ship out An Accessory Box every month filled with two pieces of jewelry and one special accessory.  Treat yourself and try our subscription. 

OMG I’m in love!!!! Complete Luxury - A Subscription Box for Busy Women is awesome! Linda Payan is a local woman business owner and this idea is phenomenal! I just got my first box and I’m in love and can’t wait to get my next one - thank you Linda! Ladies pamper yourself! Check Linda’s page out today!!!!

We offer a convenient and affordable way to build your jewelry and accessory wardrobe.  Join us on our Facebook page and on Instagram as we share new and exciting products that you can wear with your wardrobe! 

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The premise behind the Complete Luxury monthly subscription box is to provide you with an accessory wardrobe that:

  • Complements your wardrobe, personality, and style.
  • Make you feel fantastic!
  • Gives you a variety of jewelry accessories to choose from based on your mood! For example, sometimes, you may want to wear a tee-shirt, jeans and a big pair of fun earrings.  Other days, you want to wear a statement necklace and stud earrings.  
  • Gives you a variety of jewelry and accessories that you can wear for any occasion!

Are you super excited to receive a surprise “gift” in the mail every month?  Are you ready to build your jewelry and accessory wardrobe with affordable, quality items?  We cannot WAIT to spoil you!  

Don’t forget to grab the 14-Day Ultimate Closet Cleanout (see below).  It’s 14 pages of simple solutions to cleaning out your closet. Have a wonderful week!